WordPress Site Deconstruction

Sometimes I feel like one of Pavlov’s dogs when a new site loads up.

I know 10/10 I’m going to click that button.


Spying on website construction

WordPress powers a reported 21.9% of the web or about 60 million websites so there’s literally millions upon millions of ways to build a WordPress site, choosing from thousands of different themes and well over 30,000 plugins – all to differing degrees of success. It’s an endless WordPress buffet.

So if you’re looking at a site and curious at all about how it’s been built – or hungry for insight to some WordPress work you’re doing, or trying to decipher some problem and provide support –  you need to ‘look under the hood’ and ‘explore the foundations’. It’s just not an option. You have questions.

“Is this WordPress?” (or maybe Joomla or Drupal?)
“What plugin did they use for membership? slider? social media?  function ‘X’?”
Sometimes you might wonder: “Who hosts this fast (or slow) loading site?”
And, naturally: “I wonder how they rank?”


Inquiring Minds. Endless Work.

Some of this you can tell by opening a new tab to ‘View page source’ then visually interrogating the code …

Control-U … Alt-F … find … “wp-content” …
“*AHA!* I thought that theme looked familiar!” …
“Hmm. Now, how about plugins?” …

But all that can only take you so far. And it gets tired really quickly – at about the second site!

And if you need to Google a plugin? Or a dozen? Autoresponder? Look up Page Rank? Alexa Rank? Backlinks? Moz authority? Whois?



One-Click Instant WordPress Intelligence

What if you could get all that – and more – dynamically? With one click? Without waiting for another site to load?

CMS. Theme. Plugins. Page Rank. Alexa Rank.  …

You need SpyBar to do all of that for you – a browser extension that serves up WordPress site intelligence and linked website analyses instantly.

With one click you can quickly know the:

  • CMS powering the site
  • WordPress plugins and theme
  • Autoresponder / mail service
  • Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank

Use SpyBar to:

  • Discover a new plugin or theme
  • Google a theme, plugin or autoresponder
  • Easily find webhost or Whois detail
  • Get free, linked SEO research on referring domains, backlinks, authority, trust and page count


The best WordPress discovery tool available?

SpyBar proves itself inside five minutes. SpyBar pays for itself in one morning.

Want to know about your competition?
Reverse engineer a WordPress site setup?
Looking for a certain type of plugin?
Prospecting for customers?
Just curious?

SpyBar might answer questions you didn’t even know you had. It proved its value to me in minutes and has proven itself countless times since, helping me learn quickly about WordPress and other sites I visit each day.  For the theme and each listed plugin, Spybar provdes a link to Google for a search on the item referenced to WordPress and ‘theme’ or ‘plugin’. It’s a simple helper, but  if you’re in learning or research mode this can be a great time saver.

The results are good, but they can’t be perfect.  Because of how sites load plugins something might go undiscovered – for example if they’re not active on the specific page you’re viewing or only work in the backend. Also, while some plugins might be identified, you’ll never find out anything else about them because they’re private builds. It’s not so much a limitation of SpyBar, but a fact of web life.

While the linked site analyses are limited for casual users without subscriptions to the service providers, that’s just how those services work. (Look for a free price plan or service trial for a little extra insight.)   But SpyBar does load up their free offerings where you’ll get a good sense of the site’s backlinks, referring domains, authority and other SEO indicators. If you’re in need of more, you’re probably already subscribed to one of these services and SpyBar will put you there in an instant for the site in question.

You may have seen reviews. SpyBar is now up to version 2.3 and the author listens to suggestions provided by users. The latest version now includes hosting information and links to site information at MOZ Open Site Explorer, Majestic SEO and ahrefs. You can also easily download a text snippet of the intelligence with one click.

Possibly the best thing about SpyBar is that it saves the time and drudgery of looking up these details on your own. With a click (or two) you’re in the know, dynamically and instantly. No waiting for some heavy reference site to load.

It’s back to that Pavlov thing again – you just know it’s going to give instant gratification.


High Tech Spy Gear. Low Price.

For the low price of a few premium coffees – only $12.95 – SpyBar improves your WordPress IQ with every click. It works in Chrome and Firefox and can also be installed (unofficially) in Opera. SpyBar comes with a 30-day be-thrilled-or-get-a-refund guarantee.

So go ahead. Click that banner link with confidence. Watch the demo. Buy SpyBar. Gain some WordPress intelligence.

Then come back and tell me how you like it.  And what you learned.
(And who you’re spying on. )

Get SpyBar for instant WordPress Intelligence


If you’re too shy to buy, at least leave a comment about what you think might be lacking from SpyBar and I’ll pass it along to the developer if that’s appropriate.

TL;DR – Get SpyBar for instant WordPress Intelligence.  Reveal the theme and plugin components of any WordPress site with one click using a simple browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera that costs only $12.95. SpyBar also serves up links to SEO site statistics, webhost info, whois info and more. Buy it. You’ll like it.

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